Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raging Grannies

No, not the good type of Raging Grannies, but the rich, over-entitled audi-driving TMR-dwelling granny types, who think that any car driver carefully and cautiously driving through the intersection in front of them should get the heck off the road.

It would have been hilarious to see someone lose all emotional control behind the wheel of a car, if it also wasn't so scary and disturbing. Also, the (not so nice-) lady has a serious hate-on for english-speaking citizens of Montreal, and in the interest of "we all have to try to get along", that is just wrong. (We should point out, we were speaking french to her!)

So if you see any raging grannies behind the wheel of a gold-colored Audi (crass to the max), just get the hell out of her way!


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