Sunday, November 15, 2009

Autumn's urban activities and explorations

The month of November is a dry one for interesting activities, but if you have a bike, then a ride up Mount Royal's Olmstead road, to the summit and the Mont Royal Chalet & lookout is not only an excellent activity, but one of the best things Montreal has to offer in any month of the year.

See those mountains in the background? They're 150 km away in Vermont.

Mont-Royal Cycletherapy, 26 of the best minutes to be found in Montreal

The summit of Mont Royal seen 22 minutes before you arrive on top

Urban bikin', autumn style.

Development of new "Boucle Mont Royal" recreational path on northern side of Mount Royal. This is the path along Cote-des-Neiges road. This is a much-needed addition to Montreal and Mont Royal's recreational path network.

Downtown's renovated Guaranteed Pure Milk's giant milk bottle. (Milk comes in bottles?)

On a rainy day whatcha going to do?

We turned 1/2 bushel of crabapples into a year's supply of crabapple jelly. The greatest jelly flavour, ever.

And now the rain has stopped, and it is time to go outside again.


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