Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter? It's all about the underwear

Another good Jill Barker Fitness column in the Gazette today. This is a top-rate feature of the gazette.

Today's topic is the correct clothing (and underclothing) to be warm in the cold, and most important, how to be warm AND active in the cold.

Basically it means avoid ALL cotton clothing, and go and spend the big bucks on good underwear, because it's all about the layering of synthetic undergarments. Start with the thin next to your skin, ad some medium to thick layers next, and finally keep the winter outside with a good outer-shell garment top and bottom. This will keep you warm and protected outside. Remember to subtract layers as you heat up, tres important.

Now go outside and enjoy the wonderful spectacle of winter.

Fitness: Dress properly for winter workouts

Managing heat and sweat in cold weather has become a science, with new fabrics, treatments and design features added to traditional outdoor clothing

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