Friday, February 05, 2010

Bixi - when will we see an annual report?

We want to see an annual report on Bixi's first year of operations. This is taxpayer dollars being spent and every politician running this city makes constant noises about accountability.

So we want to see the annual report on the Bixi operations. We know one exists.

How much did the system cost so far, and what was the costs for the bikes, the stations, the computer programming and systems, and for salaries?

How much revenue was generated?

How much was the cost and revenue per user?

What are the maintenance, repair, and overhaul costs and statistics?

How much did it cost to keep moving bikes around by truck and trailer?

What is the top speed of a Bixi?

What is the longest time rental of a Bixi?

What is the highest mileage Bixi?

What are the changes and modifications to the Bixi bike/Bixi system that will be dome for year two of the system's existence?

How Many Bixi's disappeared during year one?

How much does a Bixi bike actually cost?

And we'd like to see some answers soon, please. We know the report exists. Civil servants exist to write reports. Perhaps an intrepid reporter for La Presse can ask around or file a Freedom Of Information request. (If you are filing a request, also ask about the promised Mercier Bridge's bikepath/sidewalk addition, and access for bike paths across Mohawk lands).

These are good questions, and a test of government accountability is if some answers appear in public soon.


At 9:22 AM, Anonymous MtlFred said...

interesting post, I wonder if they do have some unfavorable facts to hide from us? Are they working hard to "massage the message?"


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