Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hautes Laurentides - Mont Laurier road rides

Get your copy of this new cycling guide today!

The big overview map: lots of rides for the 2010 to-do list (click the map for bigger image)

a good cycling map provides details on how to get through towns

We collected some great regional cycling guides at the Salon du Velo this weekend. One that interested us a lot featured road rides in the Upper Laurentians (north of Labelle to Mont Laurier) which is also called les Hautes Laurentides.

Besides being the location of the highly desirable paved part of the P'tit Train du Nord (excellent, but a bit too flat and straight), this region always looked like a good road ride destination - if you knew where to ride. Enter the cycling guide "En vélo dans les Hautes Laurentides" which is conveniently bilingual with the english title "Biking in the Upper Laurentians." Gotta appeal to the anglo Tremblant condo crowd.

A new guidebook? New undiscovered terrain? A destination for explorations in 2010? We're excited! (It doesn't take much to make us excited, just good cycling roads.)


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