Saturday, February 06, 2010

Lake skating at Ste-Marguerite-du-lac-Masson

Good weather, ice, scenery, and fun on lac Masson in Laurentians

100% "best there is"

Life can be lived at many levels, but with just a little mental and physical effort, life can be lived at the "best there is" level. That was today's goal. Mission accomplished!

some people just don't get with the program

all ages, but one fun level only: maximum!

We checked out the outdoor skating on Lac Masson in Laurentians. Weather was perfect winter sunshine. Did a few laps at the level of maximum fun. This is one of those must-do things for any quebec winter enthusiast.

The ice is 4 km long, so a full loop is 8 km or 5 miles.

We got the idea destination from the Montreal Gazette "Short Hops" column "In the land of ice and joy" (joy? you bet.) written in the Travel section by David Johnston. We have had many good ideas from this travel feature. And much joy. In fact the fun part of this blog's philosophy (recall this is summed up in the title "Cycle Fun Montreal") means that an omnipresent goal is elevated joy levels, which some jubilant glee and overt smileyness too.

Skating is good cross training for cycling, and a lot more fun than the indoor bike trainer or a spinning class. These are mere simulations of reality and we believe that reality is best experienced first-hand.

Even is you can barely skate, this is a good outing since stopping and turning skills are not really required. You just have to be able to move in a forwardly directon. While having fun. There are benches to take rest breaks. We love rest breaks!


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