Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Motorcycle show shows Bixi in its ad, and not in a nice way either

First time we see a Bixi in another product's ad.

Montreal's "other" bike show

The motorcycle show ad is implying that personal transport aspirations should include the motorcycle option.

So are they showing the use of bicycles in a bad light? You decide.

At least a bixi doesn't have a muffler to remove before you have fun.

We actually like motorcycles, and we support your choice to have fun with the machine of your choice. But motorcycles have an image problem with the riders who modify their exhaust systems to produce more noise. And that's a lot of motorcycle riders. Just like there are a ton of cyclists who don't stop at stop signs (or any other sign for that matter). (oops was I supposed to say that?)

The main problem with motorcycles is that they cost so much. You can get a very good bicycle for the cost of the cheapest motorcycle. Or as we say, two bicycles for the price of one motorbike.


At 6:39 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hmm, when the snow hits the streets I still see bicycles.
Motorcycles? No where at all to be seen, at least here in St Catharines.

I'm quite surprised that the motorcycle crowd would be anti-bicycle, as the issues most cyclists face with cars/trucks, motorcycles face as well.

At 6:13 PM, Blogger 2010 Mtl. Ironman said...

I don't think that the motorcycle crowd is anti-bicycle. They just like their big toys as much as we like our little ones (so my father and brothers says).

I've never had a problem riding along side them (even when visiting family in Niagara Falls).

I'm sure they are even a little jealous when we catch up to them at the light after roaring by us.

Most of them probably couldn't even petal a bike for 2 min straight. ;)

Even bad publicity is good publicity for the bixi!

At 5:10 PM, Blogger Cycle Fun Montreal said...

it's not the motorcycle crowd that is exploiting the Bixi and bicycling, but the ad agency that made the advertisement. The ad agency is the entity with no soul or heart but plenty of evil intent.

Motorcyclists themselves have plenty of soul and heart and we love them.

If someone wants to give us a motorcycle, maybe because insurance and other government disincentives have made riding your motorcycle less desirable or affordable, let us know!

At 11:24 AM, Blogger Cycle Fun Montreal said...

whenever we see this ad the question that comes to mind is, "is rue Berri street really that steep i.e. where it passes under Sherbrooke?"


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