Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday snowshoe adventure in Parc de Mont Tremblant - secteur Pimbina

Good winter scenery on R2

Interesting bark on Quebec's National Tree, the bouleau jaune (yellow birch)

Mont des Cascades - climbs up from the Accueil along the left horizon, at highest point trail descends to Refuge Geai Bleu

The popular Refuge Geai Bleu

In 2010 the management of the Parc de Mont Tremblant has made the Pimbina secteur (north of St-Donat) into snowshoe central (pdf map).

This was our Saturday destination.

From the Accueil we hiked up Mont des Cascades, then down to the Refuge de Geai Bleu, where we were alone in the hut. For all of ten minutes until 35 other people walked in the door. It seems every group in the parc arrived for lunch at the same time.

We finished eating and did a nice loop behind the hut of R1 and R2 trails, and then we retraced out steps up the Mont des Cascades and back to the accueil at the park entrance.

Weather was excellent, warm, windless, but somewhat cloudy. Excellent, but not quite perfect - just very close.

Did you know that Pimbina means cranberry?


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