Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our favorite festival: FIFA

Festival International de Films sur l'Art is our favorite festival in Montreal.

We watched:
  • La Chaise Reitveld
  • Milton Glaser: To inform and delight
  • Guggenheim Museum (at 50 years)
  • Hearst Tower
  • Casa Bronfman
  • Harlem à Montmartre, une histoire du jazz à Paris
  • La Bataille de la pyramid (I.M.Pei & the Grand Louvre)
  • I.M.Pei, souvenirs en mouvements
  • Twice upon a garden
  • Tadao Ando / Koshino house
  • Steel Homes
  • Turning Torso, Malmo
  • German Design
  • The National Gallery in wartime
  • Learning from Light: the vision of I.M.Pei

In between we biked to the Lachine Rapids (which is in Lasalle not Lachine), over and around the mountain several excellent ways.


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