Thursday, April 08, 2010

Montreal - urban mountain biking conference

The future of urban mountain biking in Montreal conference is tomorrow, at Le Taz.

Montreal has zero kilometres of off-road riding on the island of Montreal.

We are hoping for an improvement in this unsatisfactory situation.

The conference should be optimistic, and we are looking forward to news of the event.

More information here at

Our suggestions for locations to develop mountain-bike trails?
  • an unused corner of Mont Royal park (not the most popular idea)
  • Miron Quarry/Complexe environnemental de Saint-Michel
  • Along the Escarpment of NDG (Falaise St-Jacques escarpment)
  • Underneath the autoroute ville-marie
  • Ile St-Helene/Ile Notre Dame
  • Along the near-wild Seaway bike path (a.k.a. Voie Maritime)
  • Parallel to the Lachine bike path in certain locations


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