Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ormstown-Dundee - to the end of southern quebec

Dundee Centre: two cemeteries, one church and one house.

Life spring up, and the bugs know what to do.

Powerscourt covered bridge across the Chateauguay, one mile north of USA and 30 km north of the source at Chateaugay Lake, NY in the Adirondack mountains.

Quebec's getting serious about protecting its covered bridge heritage.

Lookout at the covered bridge. Look at the double arch in the bridge.

Changes and improvements to the Powerscourt covered bridge.

There's a new roof, interior sidewalks and devices to make vehicle traffic slow down. The bridge is in better shape now than when it was built in 1861. This is a primo rest stop location.

New historical marker (previous one was stolen)

Enjoying a favorite view upstream of the Chateauguay river at the Powerscourt bridge

South of the St-Laurence river Quebec comes to an end at Dundee (population 436, 6.3 persons per sq. km). It's where the St-Laurence river intersects the Quebec-US border. Actually, it is at the intersection of three nations, because there is also the The Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne.

Riding west from Ormstown you have many choices and if you don't make any, you will arrive at Dundee. This is not a bad thing. Explorations can discover some great things. Or you can discover some less good things, like some of the worst roads in Quebec (part of Ridge road for about 5 km) along with some of the best (i.e. most of the rest).

Temperature was 17 degrees celsius above normal. This is highly not normal.

Highlights of this ride are powerscourt covered bridge, the mainly good roads, and a super highlight is the final section on Rt 138A along the river between Dewittville and Ormstown. No road has more giant old trees than this road. There's dozens, and they are all ginormous. It's amazing.

Giant trees between Dewittville and Ormstown (Rt 138A)

Bikely map of the ride

Canoeists and fishers also had a Good Friday.

Giant trees have been known to eat cars, but they leave cyclists alone.


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