Friday, June 11, 2010

Get out and ride, summer is officially here

it's the weekend, turn off your computing device(s). No, not sleep mode, turn it off! Now go outside and ride your bike.

Is it raining? Then take your bike and give it an inspection and take it to the bike shop for any repairs. Look at the tires. Are they cracked or worn or need air? Change them now so your bike can be your best friend for the upcoming summer and vacation phase of our Quebec seasons.

Now, you don't actually "have" to go outside and bike. You can stay inside. But you won't have nearly as much fun as the folks who go outside and ride their bikes. (thanks frank)

If you are urban and seeking a nature fix on your bike, riding up the dirt and forested Olmstead Road to the summit of Mont Royal is as close to a bike-paradise ride as you will find in this city. Or any city.

If that still isn't enough summer fun-ness, go and buy some quebec strawberries. Our weekly panier biologique gave us our first taste this week. Mmmmm good. With the arrival of Quebec strawberries, summer is officially here.

Strawberries the cycle fun montreal way
Cut off the caps and mushy parts on the strawberry, and core if you want.
wash the berries
Slice berries into smaller pieces
add some sugar and 1 tsp of j.d.
stir to dissolve the sugar (add a tsp of water if needed)
When some sweet juice has been formed
Add berries to 0% thick-style yogurt (phoenicia is good)
Taste the taste of paradise.


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