Friday, June 11, 2010

the world is wierd department

We've been at this blog thing for a while, and sometimes we get surprises. We don't claim to unnerstan' the what "makes people do the things they do" thing. So we were surprised to see that our recent post on how to lock your bike to a particularly poorly design of old-school bike rack got lots of attention. Huh? A post about a bike rack? On the subject of bike rack, we really like the bixi-ability to lock into its docking station in 3 seconds flat. In fact this is the thing we like best about Bixi. Having a bike to ride in the rain and/or with normal clothes are the other bixi avantages. The bike itself, well, our friend once told us, when he road our fancy road racing bike for the first time, that he never knew that bikes were smooth light and fast. This is the revelation that awaits Bixi riders when they go out and buy their own bike, which we hope (and encourage) Bixi riders will do.


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