Saturday, July 03, 2010

Riding the crazy bike

Our fleet of bikes is 5 strong, 6 if you add the Bixi membership. The Bixi is replacing Rusty as our primary rain bike.

So Blue, Bertrand, Rusty, Bouncy and the Rotator are our little family. The Rotator Tiger is a recumbent, and we had not riden it yet this year, using the Bertrand road race bike as our fast road bike.

We wanted a bit more comfort for long flat rides (the Bert still rules on the hills) so we figured we should dust off the Rotator, oil the chain, and start to enjoy speed and comfort combined together.

Our ride on the Voie Maritime was the ride we chose to launch the 2010 bent season. It's an excellent little local tour (actually, not so little at 60 km) with scenery to make you remember that Montreal is an island city.

The Bent did everything it was supposed to, except it lured us to a hamburger stand in St-Catherine, because Tigers are carnivores, don'tcha know.


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