Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chemins Craig et Gosford - "best ride ever?" ride

Descending towards Lyster. Our ride took us up this hill, not down.

Today's highlight: the circuit de découverte Chemins Craig et Gosford cycling paradise

Inverness has many tourist attractions, including the Musée du Bronze d'Inverness

What's wrong with this picture?

Perfect, new road, happy curves, no cars, lots of trees, nothing is wrong, it's a cyclist paradise.

150 years, and one unhappy plowman

Restored train station in Lyster along Route Verte

Funeral memento near St-Jean-de-Brebeuf

The view downhill on Chemin Craig hill

At the Belevedere du Chemin Craig summit (Lipsey's Hill)

Descent down the Chemin Craig is memorable

Ready to descend? 17% downhill to St-Jean-de-Brebeuf

Good news? This is the first "danger - steep climb" sign we've ever seen!

We have returned from a first-time visit to Quebec's Celtique Way region in Chaudiere-Appalache region, mainly on the Chemins Craig et Gosford circuit. The first 1/4 was on the flat Route Verte in Centre-du-Quebec region before we turned south to hit the hills for a giant loop in the hills to the south and west.

Two words sum up the experience: Paradise Ride.

We created a map of the ride on Bikely.

The Wikipedia entry on the Craig road is here.

Tourism Chemin Craig et Gosford is here.

Tourist route on the Celtic Way is here.

This is a ride in three parts, starting in Princeville, near Victoriaville:
  1. Route Verte rail-to-trail between Princeville to Lyster (30 km NE on flat Route Verte)
  2. Chemins Craig et Gosford going SW through quiet hilly scenic awesome back roads
  3. Rt 263 north, back to Princeville, up and down through a scenic valley, excellent!


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