Saturday, October 23, 2010

Books for holiday gifts (part one)

We love riding though Quebec cities, towns, and the countryside. We learned that enjoying cycling you have to stop looking at the wheel in front of you, and look up and look around and see the beauty in the world.

Some of this beauty is nature, some of it is man-made. And some, like parks and bridges, combine the two. Waterfalls and covered bridges are some of the more marvelous things we get to see when out on a bike ride.

After we had seen a few, we wondered if there was some place where we could find out more, and plan our bike rides to create rides with these attractions. Not only are they visually pleasing, but they make great places to stop for lunch! So, we turned to that old, but still very successful technology called the book. We love books!

Covered bridges are one of the sheer delights of riding in the countryside. We have never been unhappy to stop and take a closer look at covered bridges.

Which brings us to Les Ponts Couverts au Québec (Covered bridges in Quebec):

Quebec has some mighty fine covered bridges.

We can only say one thing about this book: highly recommended.

The next good reason to stop your bike ride and take a scenic break is that marvel of nature: waterfalls. Gravity, topography and erosion combine together into something humans find immensely appealing.

Guide des chutes de Québec (guide to waterfalls of Quebec) is the answer to the problem of locating waterfalls in Quebec. They're all in here.

Waterfall, and covered bridge together is not scenic overload

Example of the layout format: this is Chutes Lysander which we visited this year.


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