Saturday, October 23, 2010

if they built this in Montreal...

New bridge over the Colorado river, with full and open access to the view.

If the nanny state that is in charge of some big Montreal bridges had built this amazing new bridge, you can be sure that the beauty would be completely spoiled by the mandatory installation of hideous anti-suicide barriers. We're just sayin'.

Pont Jacques Cartier bridge's visually obtrusive suicide barrier

Is this the best design they could come up with, or just the cheapest?

Pont Mercier bridge's new sidewalk and suicide-prevention barrier.

Before you jump to conclusions about our insensitivity to people who have lost hope for living, we want to tell you that one day we were riding over the Pont Jacques Cartier and we saw a jumper lying on the ground, at peace, and surrounded by firemen holding up curtains to prevent gawkers at ground level from witnessing this tragic scene.

We have never forgotten this scene, or how fragile life, and the will to live, can be. If you or someone you know needs help, Suicide Action Montreal is here to help. Tell your friends how much their friendship means to you. You could even bring them on a bike ride, which is a fine way to experience some of the immense joy of being alive.


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Before anyone jumps to conclusions, please note that this is 100% pun-free post.


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