Saturday, October 23, 2010

A look at the "Haut Saint-Francois" area of les Eastern Townships

Haut Saint-Francois? Where dat?

Quebec is huge, with lots of different tourist regions. Each region has its own tourism and bike tourism maps. Thematic tours are labeled with a "Chemin des ..." (chemin = road) or "Route des ..." The H-St-F region is part of the Chemin des cantons and the Route des summits.

Let's open the brochure and look at the map and see what other info is available.

Lots o'villages and scenic Appalachian geography.

Lots of exploration and adventure to be found

The backside of the brochure is a full Eastern Townships / Cantons de l'est map, and a big section on names and locations of walking/hiking trails. It can be good if you get off your bike (or out of your car) once in a while.

Les Cantons de l'est / Eastern townships is BIG.

Quebec is big, beautiful, and and a great place to visit and explore. The townships is one of the nicest, and often gets first place in surveys of quebec's nicest tourist regions. The Haut Saint-Francois area is less known, which makes it ideal for an exploration adventure.

Your plan-next-summer action plan starts with a visit to the downtown Montreal tourist office. Grab one of everything, go home, and study a few maps and make a list of next summer's destinations. Next, the hard part) you have to wait for winter to end. But when it does, you'll be ready to go outside and ride in some of the nicest places to ride a bike anywhere.


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