Saturday, October 23, 2010

Montreal's most scenic bike path

The Les Berges river-side bike path and park is completely amazing.

Looking for a scenic bike ride you can do without having to go far away?

The Les Berges bike path along the St-Laurence river in Verdun, Lasalle, and Lachine is extremely nice.

Just remember, it's not a race track. OK?

Click here for our more-detailed original post with some directions.

And what else makes this extremely special? The oldest intact building on the island of Montreal is the La Maison LeBer-LeMoyne. It was built in 1669. (1669!!!) It can be found (and visited) at the musée de Lachine, located at the western end of the Lachine Canal, where the western end Les Berges bicycle path starts.

This path is managed by the Lespolesdesrapides organization who work hard to make us learn and appreciate the fact that Montreal is an island with much waterside beauty and recreation to enjoy. Visit their website for maps and lots of good info about bikepaths and other things you will do waterside in Montreal.


It's already noon on saturday, and we know where we're going! So shut off your computer, get up off the chair, get dressed for outside and go for a bike ride.

Shut off the computer. Go outside. Do it now.

Shut. Off. The. Computer.

Go. Outside.

Do. It. Now.


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