Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some good parc Mont Royal views

Montreal's little mountain, Mont Royal, has some very good views. These views are best visited using a bicycle.

Here are three of our favorites.

The view from the Mont Royal Chalet lookout over downtown.

You can see the south shore and the Collines Monteregie hills, and the big ones in the distance are mountains of the Eastern Townships and Vermont. On a clear day you can see mountains in Vermont that are 100 miles away.

The view from the Olmstead Road just north of the summit across Mont Royal Cemetery valley.

Olmstead road is your ticket to the easy, great, forest dirt-road bike ride from Parc avenue to Beaver lake, the chalet and lookout, and the summit. Don't forget the summit! It's not much itself but the view from the lookout just north is a big-time money shot.

The view of Oratoire Saint-Joseph. This thing is so glorious.


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