Saturday, November 13, 2010

East end exploration ride - Tour de Tamarack

We rode notre dame bike path out to Ste-Catherine (yes they intersect), then through "HoMa" and around the Big O (olympic stadium, and we mean ALL around it), then over to the Jardins Botanique where we hoped to find some tamarack trees (member of the larch family - which is Melize in french -- or "mélèze" if you prefer), then over to Jean Talon to Clinique de la Casserole Delmar, and finally home via St-Zotique bike path.

Where are the pictures?

The memory card in our much-abused camera gave a "memory card error" after we took 100 excellent photos. Doh!

Tour de Tamarack

The tamarack tree is the only conifer in north America to have its needles turn yellow and fall off in the fall. They are amazing, and in full color right now. The Botanical Gardens has several outside the pay-to-get-in gardens: near the front entrance, and in Parc Maisonneuve near the Insectarium entrance. Visiting the Jardins Botanique is always an excellent experience and is Highly Recommended.

Evergreen trees don't change colour in autumn right? Wrong!
(This is not the Montreal Botanical Gardens)

Two facts about evergreen trees:

They are actually called coniferous trees, meaning their seeds are in cones.
Second, they sure are purdy.


At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just FYI, it's actually "mélèze" in French.


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