Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Lazy Rider

Yellow dots identify 19 scenic spots for lazy riders to stop at.

This weekend's lazy sunday urban autumn ride was a further exploration of the area of Montreal which is south of downtown. It tends towards post industrial wasteland, but then you get to the river and things get a lot better.

This week was an extra-lazy Lazy Rider ride because we skipped the ride up to Mont Royal summit warm-up phase of the ride.

The ride's mission was being implemented exquisitely until we found the outdoor exercise stations at Parc Drapeau on Ile-Ste-Helene. Doh!

Autumn is lazy time.


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Saren said...

Hi, Just found your lovely blog. I would love to create a similar blog for cyclists in Melbourne, suggesting routes and taking photos to share the ride. Great way to travel around an unfamiliar city at one's own pace.

Cheers Saren
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