Saturday, November 13, 2010

MRC du Haut-St-Laurent to build regional bike path

Chateauguay Valley's abandoned railroad line to become bike path

We hope this means that the bike path along the old rail line that starts in Ste-Martine and stops at Rt 203 at rt 138 will continue to Ormstown and Huntingdon.

Bike Paths

Bicycle lovers, check your derailleur gears, grease your chains, shine up your steed!! The Haut-Saint-Laurent is setting up a bicycle path that will take you around the country.

The old railway line will be spruced up and its vocation recycled. Further information available soon...


The MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent will soon be launching a major contest in the schools and among the population in order to find a name for the bicycle path. Details of the contest will be posted shortly on the MRC website and in the newspapers. Don’t miss this opportunity to leave your mark…


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