Wednesday, November 03, 2010

3 bridge tour of Montreal & fleuve Saint-Laurent river

We ride down to the water, go upstream, then float back downstream.

There are 17 scenic spots on this ride.

We always stop and look up at Montreal's greatest building.

The new OSM concert hall is progressing.

Descent and loop through the inner courtyard of UQAM

Surfer doing some moves on the standing wave behind Habitat 67

Complete Montreal view from Pont Jacques Cartier bridge

Pont Jacques Cartier was originally called the Montreal Harbour Bridge

The bridge's sidewalk is not original either. The present-day extra-wide sidewalk was installed at the time of the bridge's deck reconstruction in the 1990s.

This is one station at the new outdoor exercise park on Ile Sainte-Helene/ Parc Drapeau

Can we have some in parc Mont Royal please?

The south end of Ile Ste-Helene.

Parc cité du Havre

A pretty little parc with massively good view of Montreal

Bonsecours market and Mont Royal from parc cité du havre

Pont Jacques Cartier from parc Cité du Havre. They don't build them like that anymore.

Pont Victoria Bridge and surfer

Aerodynamic 20th century bridge

Excellent riverside park at Port de Montreal headquarters.

This was one of the major discoveries of today's ride.

For once the FSR isn't the only boat anchor

The Victoria bridge was rebuilt in MDCCCXCVII

This pier was originally out in the river.

Urban development has replaced the river here.

The Black Rock memorial to 6000 dead immigrants

To preserve from desecration the remains of 6000 immigrants who died of ship fever A.D.1847-8 this stone is erected by the workmen of Messrs. Peto, Brassey and Betts employed in the construction of the Victoria Bridge A.D.1859.


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