Saturday, January 22, 2011

2010 Cycle Fun Montreal roadside awards

2010 has come and gone, but we took a few photos so the memories stay alive forever.

Here are some things we noticed in 2010, some good, some bad, some just amazing.

Best museum we didn't visit yet award

Inverness bronze museum

Best town's anniversary decoration award

Early farming contained a few surprises for the farmer

Roadside Pollution Award

The coveted Roadside Pollution Award goes to... Tim Horton's coffee.

All three pictures were taken at locations far, far from any programmed consumption corporate coffee swill outlets. The local rural scenery was not enhanced by this guerrilla-marketing product-placement publicity strategy. Worth noting is that Tim Hortons also wins the urban roadside pollution award! Second place goes to McDonalds, as is the usual situation.

Canadians sure love their Tims, but maybe they could not destroy the beauty of rural Canada when the swill has been swilled?

Is this a future site of yet another Tims? The ants and beetles were enjoying it.

Double Double boil and bubble, let's destroy some scenery today...

Emergency repair, old school award

Flat tire, no flat repair kit? No problem! Just borrow a road side wheel...

Sometimes repair parts are heavier/older than you'd like.

Or you could borrow this bike, it is as fast as the wind.

Bird's-eye view award

Climbing out of Leeds, Quebec to Kinnear's Mills

Second place goes to these birdhouses with device to keep predators from eating tasty young birds

Cyclists, welcome to our town! award

This green arch welcomes you to Princeville

Restored train stations award

Both of these are on the Route Verte between Sherbrooke and Quebec City.

Lyster, Qc

Both of these were right on the Route Verte. Which is pretty logical considering it is a rail-to-trail bike path.

Warwick, Qc, yet another 150 year old village.

Quiz: when did rural colonization occur here?

Leaning barn award

Pretty in pink, though.

Best WHAT IS THAT? award

Non-terrestial telecom antenna on Mont Royal.

Notice the lightning rod at the tip?

Lightning rod, with the melted tip to prove it!

Touch it, with your tongue.

Obey this sign award


"The term bicycle paradise applies here" award

Our discovery of the roads of the Circuit de découverte Chemins Craig et Gosford was better than great.

Best new ride destination, and one of our best rides EVER.

Yes, the term "bicycle paradise" applies here.

Danger steep hill on Chemin Craig. Wait, an uphill warning?

This location proved fruitful in the 10 metres per second squared acceleration dept.

So close, and yet so far...

Didn't break 90 km/h again this year.

Bunny luv award

Someone doesn't luv bunnies


At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Michel said...

Great pics. You capture the sites so well.
Tim Horton's are actually notorious for their coffee cups littering the landscape. I think they've been asked to have trash bins outside their shops, but they refuse to do so. (I could be wrong.)
Also, nice milling stones. Don't see those anymore.


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