Saturday, January 29, 2011

P'tit train du Nord is not the longest Rail-Trail bike path in the world

An advertising feature on Laurentians tourism in today's Gazette has a Laurentiens tourism agency hack telling a big lie about the P'tit train du Nord being the longest bike path of its type (i.e. rail-trail) in the world.

Unfortunately the P'tit Train du Nord's length doesn't even make the list of North American rail-trail paths over 200 miles (320 km).

The Laurentiens tourism website calls it the longest rail-trail path in Canada, but the
Kettle Valley Railway in BC claims 600 km of distance. We're just sayin' that truth does count for something. Yes, even in advertising.

We love the P'tit train du Nord, it's one of the great bike paths in North America. It's just not the longest.

No fact checking at the Montreal Gazette?

"It's the longest path of its kind in the world," said Mathieu Deziel, supervisor of the tourist information bureau for the Laurentians.

People in marketing will believe anything! Drink the Kool-aid much Mathieu?


At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it says that, it is the longest of it's KIND in the world...of its kind?? maybe they are thinking there is something different/special with this trail...? but hey, lying is the new truth today in the NWO


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