Monday, January 17, 2011

Some news on the Route Verte Montreal axis dossier

As-yet unbuilt Route Verte north-south axis across Montreal is in orange color

Some news is reported by Montreal Express on the new (not-yet built) Route Verte bike path through northern Montreal. This new path will be off-street. It will replace the present path that is on the street in a narrow strip between parked cars and the sidewalk. More safety and convenience for cyclists trying to go north through Montreal on bicycle.

This is good news!

Les demandes de la Ville pour l'instauration d’un passage piéton et d’une voie cyclable enjambant les voix ferrées du Canadien Pacifique (CP) qui se retrouvent entre Rosemont et Le Plateau ont finalement été entendues par la compagnie ferroviaire, qui s’engage maintenant à travailler avec la Ville sur ce dossier.

Complete story at Veloptimum.


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