Thursday, January 13, 2011

winter's bike-withdrawal syndrome

Our winter bike withdrawal is getting serious!

How serious is it?

We signed up for a 10K run in the Montreal marathon September.

Aieee! What were we thinking?

Stupid peer pressure.

And we promise to never mention it again.


A better remedy to winter's bike withdrawal is to ride a bike indoors.

No, we can't actually go and ride a biker indoors anywhere in our famous Montreal's underground city. But we think that the pedestrian arcade under the seating in the Olympic stadium would be perfect for some winter indoor biking.

Sure it's artificial and contrived. But it's better than freezing off any sour balls on crappy winter roads.

Also, extremely unlikely. Montreal closed it's indoor bike velodrome and they sure aren't going to open the stadium to indoor biking in winter anytime in my lifetime.

(You're thinking, Montreal had a velodrome? Tell me more... Click here for a bit of info on the Montreal Olympique Velodrome (now converted to the "Biodome" indoor zoo.)

Back to reality...

So we're getting on the bike trainer in T-minus-6 minutes.


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