Tuesday, February 08, 2011

eat, love pray... for spring!

Spring is on his way. Along with desireable warmer weather, there's going to be potholes, cracks and chasms, all kinds of crunchy crap on the road surface, and those 'ostie spring rain showers.

So why are we wanting it SO much? because we are cyclists. and we have a certain addiction to the sensation of traveling rapidly and silently across our fine planet on our own power, attached to a pair of wheels and some pedals.

Also, we know that summer follows spring. We like summer more than a lot.

And that's why we are going RFN to ride the bike trainer.


At 11:45 PM, Anonymous Hugo said...

Hey, I found your site while looking for bike stores in Montreal online. This was after I met a woman today who had cycled here from Vancouver a few months ago. I have a grand plan to cycle from BC to Newfoundland next year, and having just arrived in this great land from Ireland I can't wait for the snow to disappear so I can go exploring on two wheels. I'll keep checking your page!


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