Saturday, February 05, 2011

Spectacularly great conditions at Parc Orford xc skiing

Highly excellent winter adventures on cross country skis can be had at Parc Orford. It's one of the premier locations for skiing in a province known for good ski destinations. Snowshoe too. But we like the skiing here.

Today's conditions were prime spring day, and at the beginning of february, that is a good day indeed. Fresh snow and lots of it, perfect and fresh groomed trails, a large network, lots of climbs and descents, wait, climbs and descents... is that a good thing? You betcha.

Simply put, it was another "best day ever." We were not alone in this assessment. The many big smiles were matched in number only by by the many excellent gluteus maximuses, because skiing (and cycling) have this effect on people.


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