Saturday, May 14, 2011

65km Ste-Martine to near-Hemmingford ride

Will we ever get tired of riding through fields and forests?

65 km is a nice distance. Not too short, not too long, Just right really for a active-recovery day kind of ride.

We chose to ride from Ste-Martine with a poorly defined destination of southeast in the Hemmingford direction. We knew the first 1/3 of the ride, and we knew the last 1/3 of the ride, but what was in the middle we knew nothing about. Mainly because we rode right off the edge of our map for the resEAU cyclable du Suroit.

But we weren't worried. We had quiet country roads, a good sense of direction, even a bit of bike path (the very unknown La Sentier du Paysan).

It was also the first hot day of the 2011 year.

The end result is that we went as far as the delightfully named Backbush road, and got home before sunset.

Here's the link to the map on bikely.

Summary: Just another nice country-road ride. Easy distance, easy terrain, but a few little hills to keep it interesting. You could visit hemmingford on this ride, and this is what we will do next time.

Ice cream is available in Ste-Chrysostome if you need a bit of refreshment to make it back to the car in hot temperatures. We can't recommend this enough.

A nice southeast loop from Ste-Martine.

There are a lot of route options when you start in Ste-Martine. From super-short and flat bike paths, to easy road rides, and you can extend these road rides to all distances from 15 to 150 kilometres. The special thing is that there is not one Tim Hortons or other korporate krap anywhere on these rides. (Not yet, so get here soon!)


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