Sunday, May 15, 2011

East Hereford's super-scenic mountain bike paradise about to be destroyed by Hydro-Quebec mega-towers to export electricity to US?

Lots of scenery and no Hydro towers...yet

Beautiful rural scenery..... destroyed by our masters at Hydro-Quebec

The Gazette reported this weekend about a protest ("Hands across the border") by citizens on both sides of the US-Canada border about a new electricity transmission line that will pass through the mountain bike paradise of East Hereford. The road biking around here is pretty good too.

Hydro-Quebec, well known for it's scenery-destroying mania to build power transmission lines EVERYWHERE, is finally having to confront some citizens less easy to ignore than us Quebecois. Yes, noisy Americans, bless their hearts, don't want their scenic state scenery spoiled by a hideous electricity transmission towers.

Premier Charest's new "Plan Nord" to flood yet more areas the size of France so we can export electricity to power-hungry yanks depends on passive citizenry meekly accepting their local scenery being destroyed.

It looks likely that the route through New Hampshire will change due to citizen protests. No such luck here in Quebec. Hydro-Quebec rules this province and citizen voices about power transmission corridors do not affect the decision-making process at Hydro-Quebec.

Just say no to destroying this beautiful corner of Quebec.

Hydro towers don't add much to the tourism appeal of our beautiful countryside


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