Tuesday, May 10, 2011

la Presse reveals Montreal's 2011 cycling infrastructure projects

Yes, La Presse is hard at work printing advance copies of press releases from the city of Montreal. They reveal that there will be 50 km of additions to the Montreal island bike path network.

Additions to the bike path network for 2011:
  • a new route north on Berri and Lajeunesse north of Castelnau to Gouin. But no word on the non-street Route Verte bike path route north along the CP train tracks.
  • Extension of the downtown de Maisonneuve path from Berri east to Papineau.
  • and 24 other projects!
Other sorts of cycling infrastructure improvements:
  • Concrete separators on the St-Urbain on-street bike path to separate bikes and buses. This one is going to have to be seen to be comprehended.
  • Other cycling infrastructure will include bike-boxes at three busy intersections.

You can read the original article at La Presse (french) here. (recommended)

The article does not reveal if the Pont Jacques-Cartier bridge will get it's connection north to the Rachel path and the Plateau-Mont-Royal's bike path network. We are so waiting for this one.

Improving the cycling infrastructure means increased safety for the cycling public.

Now, can we all try to get along please?


At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last two years they have delivered only half the km they promised... we'll see if this year is any different.

And will they continue to paint bike lanes within the door zone? If so, please just stop painting any lanes at all! It's less safe, and just greenwashing: "look, we added x new km!"


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