Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Perfect weather for bike commuting has arrived

It's easy to ride your bike to work.

It's even easier to avoid doing it!

Here's our tips for bike commuting, or vélo boulot as they say en français.

  1. Get everything ready the night before. (EVERYTHING!!!!)
  2. Be aware that car drivers are not at their best first thing in the morning. They will do lots of stupid and dangerous things that can kill cyclists. So ride extra safe in traffic. HIGH VISIBILITY cycling clothing is safer. As is riding safely and predictability in traffic.
  3. Ride mellow to work so you don't get that (Madison avenue-driven) need to shower when you get to work.
  4. Bring the correct key for the lock you are using. Doh!
  5. Identify which intersections are extra-dangerous and use extra caution.
  6. Start to begin to think about pondering the creation of an idea in your mind about sort of obeying red lights and stop signs. Don't do things where, if you were watching the situation, you would say "Hey look at THAT idiot!" Admit to yourself that yes, there are some intersections where it is just a simple fact that I have to stop here and wait a minute.
And for gods sake oil your chain and put some air in the tires.

Update: On commuting day 3 we forgot the key for the lock we keep at work. Heck, we know we're not perfect, just fun.


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