Friday, May 20, 2011

Photos St-Jean-de-Matha to Ste-Emilie-de-L'Energie to Ste-Beatrix ride

Edible fauna abound throughout Lanaudiere.

Rang St-Guillaume always impresses us as the best end-of-ride let's ride 10 km more detour ever.

This recumbent passed us but didn't even say hello.

Three entrances to this park, two of the entrances are visited on the bike ride.

Top of the Rang Ste-Catherine hill, scenic lookout just to right of this photo.

Lots of spring splendor in the northern lanaudiere yesterday. Lots of major new asphalt too!

This ride is highly recommended for both soft and hardcore hill junkies.

If you can ride Camelien Houde a couple of times, you'll have no problem doing this ride.

Crossing the Riviere Noire to get to Chemin de Belle Montagne

We love Chemin de Belle Montagne.

New asphalt on Ste-Emilie-de-L'Energie's Chemin Feuille de l'Erable climb.

This is a sustained, but not too long climb. Nothing too crazy steep. And from the top is one of the great descents. You zoom zoom for a long time.

Spring's colour palette of greens.

New pavement on Chemin Rang Ste-Catherine climb.

This climb is memorable. And at the top is one of the greatest scenic-outlook rest stops you'll ever be glad to stop at.

Looking back to St-Jean-de-Matha from first climb at edge of town.

If you take the Rang St-Guillaume option at the ride's end you also arrive back here at end of ride. We really recommend finishing the ride with Rang St-Guillaume.

Yet more new asphalt is found on the Chemin Pied de Montagne. This really spices up the ride after Ste-Beatrix as this gives you a second side road to zig and zag back to St-Jean-de-Matha.

Map here on the ever-slow bikely website. (Bikely needs new servers real bad)

This is one of our favorite rides EVER.

Note the three little highly scenic and fun additions at the end of the ride compared to the map in the post below.

These are:
  • Chemin pied de montagne
  • Cul de sac road to St-Jean-de-Matha entrance of Parc Regional des chutes
  • Rang St-Guillaume



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