Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blainville-Lachute backroad and Laurentian foothills ride 95km

Blainville-Lachute is an excellent ride.

Bike path, then backroads around airport, then a dirt road to almost-Lachute, then a bit of highway, and then backroads back to the bike path and home.

You can get the map here at Bikely.

Colourful house and colour-coordinated bike rider

Our buddy sure knows how to dress real purdy.

Obligatory falling-down barn photo.

One of Chemin Riviere du Nord's many scenic attractions

Today's ride was south and west of world-class white-elephant Mirabel airport.

Chemin Riviere du Nord is NOT a paved road.

This bothers some riders, but not those who use their bicycle to seek out adventure.

Second moose sighting in the same weekend!

This was an honest-to-goodness chicken coop.

Buddy told us that we would cross the riviere du Nord on a wood bridge.

Buddy was half right.

Ste-Scolastique's 60's church.

The 60s was the last time the church tested the "new ideas" thing.

Everything now looks like summer. Woohoo!

A bit of complicated zig-zagging but the result is a great ride.

Time was tight today but next time we will ride INTO Lachute.


At 4:20 PM, Blogger Jessé Delmonego said...

Congratulations! Beautiful photographs! I love Canada... I'd like follow your blog!


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