Saturday, July 02, 2011

Canada Day in the forest - East Hereford mountain bike day

East Hereford village from Panorama trail

We spent the friday canada holiday celebrating that thing that happened in 1867 by playing in the forest. And what better forest to play in that the mountain biking paradise of East Hereford?

We rode, rode, and rode some more for a full day of quality riding, with the following routes making us happy with their usual level of awesomeness.
  • Bobine (uphill direction only)
  • Quartz US&Canada
  • uphill on forest road (i.e. the road at the finish of Troll... to...
  • 50 Pesos (same start as L'Epicée - which has a new start a few metres from the old one)
  • 50 Pesos - again! (this is the funnest trail on the mountain and very lap-able)
  • down the forest road and then up a bit to Chainon Manquant's western start
  • Chainon Manquant funfest
  • Troll
  • exit the Mont hereford area to paved road down to Zen (avoiding Slalom) and the doubletrack north-of-town trails.
  • Zen northward (first water crossing has stones to walk across, otherwise go fast and stay left!) and cross stream again to get back to the road and continue north to
  • Rang 9 which we ride uphill to Trials (Rang 9 is VERY uphill, 'ostie)
  • back into the woods for Trial (clockwise direction) and don't forget to look back - there's some great views up here (The trail Trials has nothing to do with riding trials-style obstacles, it's all zoom-zoom stuff)
  • L'Express (This is the start of the final section of today's ride, so it's always a bit sad to know that the day's fun will soon be finished.) Go fast and have fun on this doubletrack.
  • Panorama - last trail of the day and right near the end you have great views looking down on the village of East Hereford - take a minute and stop and appreciate the view. (Hydro Quebec wants to build mega-power lines through this valley - help protect the Hall river valley!)

Total ride time was about 6 hours for this adventure.

Click HERE for Hereford trail info at AllezY's Quebec mtn-bike trail directory.

For an interesting outsider view on the trail network at East Hereford, You can check out this article at Mountain Bike Vermont (MTBVT) website: East Hereford – the best mountain biking in New England…in Quebec.

East Hereford on facebook and twitter

Circuits Frontières (which is the official name for the East Hereford trail network) is on facebook and twitter. We still click HERE for Hereford trail map info at AllezY's excellent Quebec mtn-bike trails online directory. It's really good.

Don't forget to pay the small trail access fee for mountain bike trail access (this funds trail development) at the kiosk beside the behind-the-church mtnbiker parking.

One major improvement to our day's enjoyment was riding on brand new tires. What an improvement over the worn out carcasses we were riding before.


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