Thursday, August 04, 2011

Mt Royal bike race on 10 august... 1968!

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If you are thinking what I am thinking, then the question you have is Montreal had a professional lacrosse team?

Seriously, click on the picture above and read the article.

Ok, you're back. I hope you enjoyed it.

This was the first time a bicycle race was permitted on Mt Royal. And the shock of this still has not permeated the thinking inside the roads department of ville de Montreal: the city is still in a state of denial of sporting road-bike use on this road, example the elimination of any road shoulder at the new Camillien-Houde and "Mont Royal park chalet / maison smith / parking" intersection.

This race was a precursor to getting the 1976 Olympic Games, proving the city was ready, willing and able to manage a big sporting event.

Also, notice that the Camillien Houde road is called not a street or a road, but a highway! We're now rebuilding the urban environment around Mont Royal as a "street" environment. No one needs highways inside a park in the core of a city.


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