Thursday, August 04, 2011

Mystic-Frelighsburg plus Joy Hill ride

Mystic loop, plus joy hill and a bit of eastern exploration.

We stopped before the big descent to Abercorn, which would have required a heroic effort to reclimb the hill back to Frelighsburg.

Compare the ride map to the shorter version we did last spring. See the post below for the map.

Tree tunnel south of Frelighsburg.

Note that this road has a short section of dirt road.

Which is something we would change if we were in charge.

Church and rectory in Frelighsburg.

The rectory has some Ormstown brick, but not the church itself.

Back side of the Pinnacle.

No, this is not a Bon Echo joke.

Miles keep slipping in to the future.

9% descent? this can't be true.

And why not?

Because this was our coasting speed down the hill.

No way we can hit 83 km/h on a 9% hill.

One of many old cemeteries on this ride, this one is beside Domaine Pinnacle.

Cemeteries make good snooze stops.

Mandatory pre-collapsing barn picture

How true.

Many nice elm trees on this ride. This beauty is in Frelighsburg.

Mystic facts

We parked at the Walbridge barn parking which welcomes bike tourist parking.

The barn is entirely unique and houses part of the Missisquoi Museum.


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Once again you've made a route I want to go and ride.



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