Thursday, August 04, 2011

Work underway on new north-south Montreal Island bike axis

This new north-south axis is not the route verte missing link in orange on the map, but serves the same basic route.

(you might say "that's not north-south" but Montreal geographic reality is a bit different than that practiced elsewhere)

A new bike path through Northern Montreal for traffic coming south from Laval is under construction on Henri-Julien, Lajeunesse, and Berri streets in Montreal's North end (Ahuntsic).

Is this the new Route Verte link along the CPR train tracks? Nope.

But it is a new north-south axis for riders going to Laval. The single existing north-south route is very busy (and frankly over-crowded) at peak times.

Here are a few facts from the newspaper:

L'avenue Henri-Julien, de même que les rues Lajeunesse et Berri, profitent également de cette cure de jouvence estivale. Ces travaux ont lieu à la suite de ceux déjà entrepris dans le secteur. Ils visent à implanter une nouvelle voie cyclable pour relier Laval au centre-ville de Montréal. La durée de la réfection des trottoirs et des travaux de saillies variera selon les lieux, mais ne devrait pas dépasser 24 à 72 heures pour chaque tronçon.

- 1,5 M$ pour l'avenue Henri-Julien et les rues Lajeunesse et Berri

If you have never bicycled north to Montreal island's north shore, now you have the nice option of a loop. Although frankly we are hoping that this new path is better than the existing path and thusly becomes a new and desirable route to go north across our not-very-wide island.

Make some local tourism today and ride across the rover to Laval. Dare you!


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