Saturday, November 19, 2011

november daylight ride

Truly a great road for cycling

This ride is the result of two years of exploration.

It is a perfect 70 km ride.

A few really nice stone walls on this ride

Today's ride finished at sunset, perfection attained.

Wool on the legs today

Yes, we need some new handlebar tape. It is winter project #17.

Looking north over Franklin Centre and across the St-Laurence towards Rigaud mountain in the very far distance

Since we repeated last week's ride, here we are again.

The bridge on Montée Covey Hill - last week

The bridge on Montée Covey Hill - this week

Last week we could cross, but not today.

With the road blocked and the stream free-flowing and burbling happily, it was a great spot to stop and relax. Plus, from here, the ride back to Howick is all downhill, so we had a happy feeling inside.


Every ride should have a few of these signs.

This ride goes up gently but steadily from Howick up Covey Hill to Franklin Centre. This is a scenic ride, so the slower uphill half of the ride is still very enjoyable. The route zig-zags up the slopes of Covey Hill, from farmland to forest and apple orchards and stone fences and generally nice asphalt, translation: this is a great bike ride.

From Franklin Centre back to Howick is downhill. 35 wonderful kilometres, which is an excellent situation for a cyclist to find herself in.

This is the first time we did this ride exactly this way, and we like it a lot and declare this ride to be a keeper and destined to become a classic. At less then 80 km (50 miles) we can recommend it to everyone, as it is the easy way up covey hill.

We will post a map as soon as out lightning-struck main PC is returns home after some repairs.


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