Saturday, November 05, 2011

Route Verte's online maps are MUCH improved

Until now the online maps at have been pretty pathetic: a small map window and not much detail. And by pathetic we mean useless.

So it is good news that the maps are now big and detailed.

Check it out at (english) - click on "The Green Network" for the maps (fran├žais) et clicker sur << cartes et itineraires>>.

Another map resource for cyclists exploring outside Montreal is Transport Quebec's Quebec511 road maps, check the box on the right sidebar to add bicycle-friendliness information for useful cyclist speciic safety info about the roads. Transport Quebec has much useful info for cyclists and a special page telling us what their map tool for bicycle-friendliness means.

And if you are traveling on Quebec's roads and highways, be sure to check in advance for road construction sites and possible detours at the main Quebec 511 website. (click here for Quebec511 en fran├žais)


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