Saturday, November 12, 2011

Urban river ride - north to new Autoroute 25 bridge

Historic mini-house on Gouin blvd

No bike lanes on pont Pie-IX, Mont Royal in background

Repairs ongoing on Pont Viau

Arriving in Laval and looking back at Montreal island's strange glow

Parc nature de l'ile de la visitation, one of Montreal's best parks

St-Vincent-de-Paul prison restrains a different 1% than the one in the news these days.

Winter is coming, and it's going to feel like you are inside a prison for a few months, so get out now for a late autumn bike ride, maybe to explore your city like we did today?

Young tamarack (mélèze) changing color

Tamarack (Larch) needles change colour in autumn, unlike all other local conifer trees.

Pont Viau bridge & bike path renovations nearing completion

The Pont Viau bridge is at the northern terminus of Berri/Lajeunesse streets and links directly to these streets and their new bike lanes. This is a terrific new addition for bike commuters from Laval and the northern part of the city.

New north-end Berri/Lajeunesse bike lanes are now open for riding

Crossing the new A25 bridge, an excellent addition to bike-able bridges of Montreal

Riding over to this bridge make a nice 40km loop ride along the scenic Riviere des Prairies.

You can see this bike ride is here on Bikely maps.


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