Thursday, January 26, 2012

New National Cycling Plan... for France

We have a new national cycling plan. Unfortunately the country that released the plan was France. The good news is that another nation has taken a leadership role in making cycling safer and more accessible to the population.

"les avantages du vélo", "en termes de santé, de réduction des pollutions atmosphériques et de réduction du bruit, de budget des ménages, de développement économique".

"the benefits of cycling," "in terms of health, reducing air pollution and noise reduction of household budgets, economic development."

In other words, if or when our economies collapse, our climate collapses, or our oil becomes more valuable than gold, we can still have personal mobility and our health because we are planning ahead and fully (well, one day) integrating cycling into the transportation system.

Read more here at le Monde.


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