Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spectacular pro-car/cheap gas and anti bike lane editorial in Gazette newspaper

The Montreal Gazette published on friday an radical extremist pro-car and cheap gas op-ed editorial that the author felt was a reasonable push-back against forces conspiring against his car-first-and-only road user agenda.

The writer's rant included attacks on red-light cameras and bike lanes stealing "his" roads.

It looks a lot like the Montreal Gazette newspaper's new owner's right-wing agenda continues in it's support of everything oil powered and economic-activity generating, and to hell with the little people on sidewalks trying to safely cross at intersections and red lights and bicycles daring to use the same roadway as this writer in his SUV.

Read the entire op-ed article here. You can make your own conclusions, but we conclude by asking the question: "Is there anything good inside of you, sir?" Because this is one question the writer did not answer to our satisfaction.

The Bixi program, and street-narrowing, parking-revenue-robbing bicycle lanes that benefit only a small percentage of the population, the result of which - congestion - is used as an argument to restrict passenger-car traffic and as an excuse to start levying tolls. More money!
I guess he doesn't want people riding bikes to be able to do so safely, while he barrels past in his exhaust-spewing SUV. Perhaps one day he might consider that people on bikes means fewer cars blocking "his roads" for his clearly extremely important motor-vehicle trips.


At 2:33 PM, Blogger Wilson said...

Thanks for posting this. Although these kinds of things just make me angry I still like to read them. It seems that there is no logic with some people. Drivers don't have to LOVE bicyclists but we can co-exist (safely) with them - its a live and let live kind of thing.


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