Sunday, March 25, 2012

other media, that twitter thing

We've started using another media for our complaints and ideas and improvements about cycling within and without Montreal, on the Twitter platform. yes, we're a maudit twit now.

We know, we should take our advice and ride more and whine less, but we think there's a few ways cycling can be improved and most importantly, made SAFER, because danger is not a necessary component of a fun bicycle ride.!/CycleFunMtl

If you search the twitterverse for the hashtag #velomtl you'll find some a few interesting things to pass a rainy day.

We'll add some additional cycling related hashtags in the future, but we promise you that there will never ever be any racing news, unless it is somehow seriously montreal-related, a test we apply very strictly, because nothing is more boring than reading about a bunch of people who are faster than us on the bike.


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