Sunday, April 08, 2012

Howick - Franklin Centre - Covey hill ride

The weather got perfect for a while.

Crossing renovated & bikes-only Turcot bridge beside Georgetown Church/Howick

Montée Covey Hill is no longer impossible to cross the missing bridge

Yes, this is a road bike ride!

Not found today!

Can you pronounce it correctly?

Did a repeat of the Covey Hill from Howick ride and reaffirmed that is it a fun vaied and not too hard ride up the easy way on to Covey Hill.

Today we were not stopped by the Pont Barré because we could ford the stream a little below the missing bridge. Excellent news.

The downhill and with-the-wind (mostly) back from Franklin was excellent, and when we crossed the Chateauguay at Allan's Corners the final section of the ride totally rocked.

Start at red-roofed Georgetown Church located on Rt 138 at Howick. This is 68 km ride, which we call easy intermediate level.

The ride is identical to last week's ride except we crossed the mising bridge and did a loop west to Dorea before we rode down to Franklin Centre.

Click here for the ride map we made on Bikely.


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