Friday, April 13, 2012

Riding destination #2: MRC Maskinongé

Park in Yamachiche, and ride through some fine countryside.

Displayed above is our suggestion for a MRC Maskinongé ride based on the excellent MRC Maskinongé cycling map.

Our ride above displays shorter and longer variations and yes, it is somewhat better in summer and autumn, but it is never too soon to enjoy this excellent-for-cycling region.

One bonus for this region, the 2nd half of the ride is generally downhill until Louiseville, then it is with the wind back to Yamachiche. (Woohoo!)

This map is available at the Porte-de-la-Mauricie Autoroute combination rest stop/gas station and tourist info office. It is a great map for a great region. You can follow their suggsted rides, or if you like more chalenge, try the longer ride we offer you above.

Tip: When in Ste-Elie-de-Caxton, it is mandatory to ride up to the top of the hill behind the church to the Calvaire and scenic lookout for your lunch break. Some parts of this climb may require walking (it's ok).

Northern MRC Maskinongé is a cycling paradise.

Feeling like some extra "fun" is needed in your life?

Try the out-and-back to Hotel Lac Sacacomie north of St-Alexis-des-Monts. Pure fun for the hill specialists, and an excellent and legendary challenge for the rest of us (a bit easier when we get into shape by mid-season). Not a hill specialist? The ride to St-Alexis alone is relatively mellow and very nice.

A tip for hill climbing, instead of doing the risky zig-and-zag, try taking a micro-pause when you are out of energy. Then when when you feel ok (i.e. after a minute or two) continue climbing.


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