Tuesday, April 17, 2012

set some goals and sign up for some sporting events

We believe (and management consultants worldwide concur) that in order to get someplace different from where you are today, you have to set goals. Management consultants make fortunes telling you this (and the revenue stream becomes permanent with the ongoing measurement of the "change"), but we offer this advice gratis.

So following our own advice for a change, we signed up for a couple of fun events in the cardiofun department. The less fun and more painful item is the 10K running race at the Montreal marathon in late September. Lots of time left until then to avoid running. We did it last year, and noticed that with the incredible popularity of running among women, that the men's field is almost empty (it helps that really dedicated runners choose longer distances too) which increases our chances of a good placement in our age category (Top third last year).

The other and much more interesting in the bike and fun department is the Raid de Charlevoix.

A Raid is a mountain bike race, but unlike the several laps of a race course type of race, a Raid is usually a giant loop ride. Lots of opportunity to get eaten by hungry bears in the deep back country, in other words.

This race is in the hugely scenic Charlevoix. We emphasize that we entered to have FUN. If you have never been, go there this summer. (see how easy it is to solve the where to spend your summer holiday question?)

Of course, since we selected the longest distance event (25, 50, 75 km were the choices) we are fersure going to be feeling some pain at some point, so we hope it is only cardio pain, and not the pain of a bear bite or being attacked by some of those wild and aggressive charlevoisienne trees.

Life should be made of of many interesting, exciting, fun experiences, and the Raid de Charlevoix is going to be quite a memorable one. Preferably without the added excitement of bears.

Have a great 2012!


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