Monday, May 21, 2012

5 Quebec bike path rides for nature loving cyclists

Here are 5 bike paths that nature-loving cyclists will enjoy.  They are not high-speed express style bike paths. They are relaxed, deep in the countryside, take a few scenic breaks and enjoy the beauty of nature kinds of rides. These are all relatively short drives from Montreal, and the La Voie Maritime bike path starts from Montreal - no car needed for this one - and id a ride that is easily done with a 3 pm start, for you crack-of-noon types (a great after-work ride too).  

P'tit train du Nord - start with the section Val David to Ste-Adele (this is the downhill direction) and then explore the entire 200km length of this incredible path.

Tomifobia Nature trail: Ayer's Cliff to Stanstead along Tomifobia river - this is a true jewel of a bike ride

Sherbrooke's Grande Fourches network: section North Hatley to Lennoxville along Massawippi river

La Montagnarde bike path (route verte #1) trail through Parc Orford's forests

Montreal/Rive-Sud's la Voie Maritime is in the middle of the St-Laurence river (literally). This is an awesome weekend picnic ride.

Lots more information about Quebec's bike path rides at the very extensive and all-new Route Verte website (fran├žais ici / english here). 


At 12:04 PM, Blogger Hobbes vs Boyle said...

I actually don't like the ride on the dike between the St. Lawrence and the Seaway all that much. It's a great way to get out of the metro area without having to deal with cars, but in itself it's all straight and boring. In the summer you see mostly trees. And don't ride it in the evening, as you'll be riding through dense clouds of bugs.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Cycle Fun Montreal said...

Oui, you make some good points.

In that case we try to appreciate:

-the path/road is 100% car free
-the road is wide (no narrow path conflicts)
-the path/road has no intersections or stop signs
-the path/road is long!
-it is a great place to put the pedal to the metal and pedal hard and sustain some pure effort. (which is actually kind of fun)
-use this as a place where one's cycling ability can be improved
-use this as a place where relaxation can occur where there are no cars to interfere with the good times of enjoying the pure joy of cycling. (If you do it right, jubilant glee will occur)

We always enjoy the VERY scenic recreoparc at the Ste-Catherine locks end of the trail.

It is true that bugs can sometimes be a problem. Now, if only they tasted good... I guess they are an acquired taste. We did see one person with a mask to prevent oral ingestion of free-range insect protein.

The final test is: Do we feel good when we ride there? The answer is yes.


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